woensdag 2 mei 2012

My first nail art

I decided to make my blog in English because then more people can read it and more people can give me tips, advice and comments :). I'm 15 years old and live in the Netherlands, so my English isn't perfect but I'll try!

Let's come to the point. I've made my first nail art for my blog! This one isn't very difficult to make but I think the results are amazing! Here's a picture of it:
As you can see I used my blue Catrice nail polish. It has a nice brush and it dries fast so it's easy and nice to work with. It's a beautiful colour!
The silver nail polish I used is from miss sporty (if I'm right it's a Dutch brand). It was one of my first nail polishes so it isn't nice to work with but it's a beautiful colour! And it gives a nice effect with the blue nail polish.
The glitters aren't very special but I think they are beautiful!
I was inspired by the teeth of a shark. Weird isn't it? Well, maybe it doesn't look scary, but I really like it!
First I laqued my nails blue, very easy. After the blue layer I made a silver one.
To make the silver layer I used normal tape. Nothing really special about it. You can make the shapes with a scissor and when the blue layer is dry you can put the tape on your nails. After you put on the tape you can laquer your nails silver and before the nail polish dry you have to remove the tape.

It's very easy and you have to try it! If you want you can mail your result to natass30@gmail.com

This are the nail polishes I used.

From left to right:
- Rimmel London stronger basecoat
- Catrice nail lacquer 400 blue cara ciao
- Mis sporty silver
- Catrice million styles effect top coat C08 have an ice day

So that was it. What do you think about my first creation and post about it. Do you like it, or not? Please tell me how I can improve my posts/blog to make it better.
And I decided to not make a post every day of the week. First of all I haven't the time for that and second I don't want to remove my nail art every day. I really like it to have it on a few more days. So when I put it off I will make a new post with my new creation.
Have a nice day!
X Natasja

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  1. Lovely blog with so many interesting and inspiring posts! Love your work:) Would you like to follow each other?