zaterdag 5 mei 2012


Yesterday I bought four new nail polishes. Two for mother day (13 may) and two for myself. Today I'm gonna show you the first one. It's Catrice's 650 Goldfinger. 

I really loved the golden colour of it. I bought it because I have already a lot of beautiful bright colours but not a metallic one. I've had one golden nail polish before but I had to throw that one away because it was to thick. 

You have to apply 2-3 layers of it to cover it. It's a very thin laquer and has a big brush. So it's nice and easy to work with. 
I really love the colour and I think I'll use it so many times :). This golden nail polish is one of my favourites right now!

Tomorrow I'll show you my newest nail art with this golden nail polish. It will not be very difficult but I think I  will be beautiful! Next week I'm gonna show you the other nail polish I bought, and after may 13th I'm gonna show you the other two :).
Have a nice day!
X Natasja

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  2. Beautiful color!!!
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